What is a STEM Hub?

Oregon STEM Hubs are a Strategic Initiative overseen by Oregon’s STEM Investment Council and the Chief Education Office to increase student interest, preparation, and attainment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for success in related degrees and careers. These regionally-focused, multi-sector partnerships unite schools, institutions of higher education, non-profits, businesses, civic leaders and communities to drive local STEM innovation and improvements at the systems-level, while also working to identify systemic barriers and co-construct solutions with communities most affected by the barriers. The STEM Hubs leverage local resources and opportunities to bring STEM to students early and often, engaging them in and beyond the classroom. Hub borders are fluid, overlapping into surrounding communities and connected by multiple professional networks through which ideas and resources flow.  Regional STEM Hubs form a mutually supportive statewide network of hubs for implementation and dissemination of best practices.