Summer 3D Printing Workshop for High School
Coding a microprocessor. Summer 3D Printing Workshop for High School


STEM-related industries are the fastest growing and the highest paying.

STEM industries include traditional computer, math, engineering, and science jobs, but there are many more. STEM-related industries include manufacturing, aviation, health services, professional and technical services, and so many more. The Eastern Oregon labor market is changing. STEM-related critical thinking skills provide job security, increased opportunity, higher wages (example below), and open doors within the new environment. 

Average Annual Household Earnings*

All occupations: $46,237 STEM-related occupations: $67,013 

Electronic systems and mechanical applications
Learning electronic systems and mechanical applications

Key Features of STEM Learning:

1. Real-world applications

2. Problem solving and critical thinking

3. Integration of content

What GO STEM is Doing:

In the current biennium (2017-2019), GO STEM provided eastern Oregon: 

• 1600+ hours of educator training

• 3,723 hours of out-of-school student activities​​

• 80+ pieces of technology/equipment for classroom use

• STEM Student Leadership training to 21 CSOs in 6 counties