Greater Oregon STEM Mission
A regional partnership cultivating a community that values STEM learning, prepares youth for successful STEM careers, and builds pathways and pipelines to meet workforce needs.

Realize regional prosperity through a thriving STEM workforce and career‐ready rural youth.


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FEATURE STORY:  How Equity Has Helped Close the Graduation Gap for Latino Students in One Oregon District: See Full article 


Lots going on this Fall.  Details on these events soon.  For more information contact Donna Rainboth drainbot@eou.edu

September 18 – GO STEM received a small planning grant ($25,000) from Oregon Community Foundation to develop Career Connected Learning project ideas in four counties. Key stakeholders are coming together for a work session to plan how to move career connected learning forward in Harney, Wallowa, Umatilla and Morrow Counties. We will spend the day and evening at the Cove Ascension School developing criteria and strategies. Contact Donna Rainboth at drainbot@eou.edu for details.
September 22 –  Wallowology Huckleberry Roadless Outing, Eagle Cap Wilderness. Pre-registration: http://go-stem.org/professional-development-for-educators/
September 26; October 4, 25; and November 15  Climate Change Lecture Series.  7 PM, Natural History Discovery Center, Joseph.  See flyer at:  http://go-stem.org/professional-development-for-educators/
October 4 & 5 – The statewide STEM Hub Directors and regional CTE coordinators convening in Salem.
October 5 – Renewable Energy Workshop  See:  Renewable Energy Inquiry and Engineering
October 5 – Manufacturing Day. 8:00- 1:00 Port of Morrow.  High School Students welcome (25 maximum).  Registration and flyer: Fall 2018 Manufacturing Day Flyer  To register visit: https://www.workforceportal.org/students
October 9 – Work begins on the Elementary Science Collaborative year of professional development. The project focuses on increasing time on science in elementary schools and the Next Generation Science Standards.  This workshop is open to all elementary teachers. It will be held in La Grande. Substitute reimbursement will be available. The workshop will be the beginning of a one year project. Contact Donna Rainboth for more information.  drainbot@eou.edu
October 11 – Chief Science Officers and their mentors are on campus for more leadership and STEM work. Students and teachers will stay and attend the Dinner with a STEM Pro event that evening. 
October 11 – Dinner with a STEM Professional. Watch for your E-Invite coming soon. Greg Barreto, from Barreto Manufacturing will be the keynote speaker this year. 
October 12 – Inquiry Outside the Cube conference on statewide inservice day. This event will be held at La Grande HS with K-12 teachers attending from up to seven counties. Multiple concurrent sessions are planned.  Flyer and Registration: Registration to IOC
October 11 & 12 – ODE site visit to GO STEM
October 13 –   Share your expertise with educators around the state! OSTA is accepting proposals for Sessions on Friday, October 12 and Workshops on Saturday, October 13th. For details on the strand descriptions and to submit your proposal, check out their conference webpage at http://oregonscience.org/OSTA18.

October 24 – Outdoor School Professional Development. This event is funded through a grant from Grey Family Foundation. It will be held at the Cove Ascension School.  There are funds available to cover substitute reimbursement. Teacher who teach Outdoor School are encouraged to attend to receive pre and post Outdoor School lessons and for a view of the Ascension School facilities. Sign up is available on the Ascension School website – http://www.coveascensionschool.com/outdoor-school/

October 25 – Josh Davies Chief Executive Officer, The Center for Work Ethic Development presents: Bring Your ‘A’ Game, an engaging curriculum for building the seven foundational workplace skills of Work Ethic. Unlike boring online training programs, this curriculum is instructor-led, interactive, and consistently delivers lasting impact. Sage Center, Boardman.  Flyer: Fall 2018 Business Education Flyer

October 27- Girls in Science.  See http://go-stem.org/7-14-programs/  or the website for Girls in Science at:  https://www.neoahec.org/programs/girls-in-science/


Still lots to give away.  New stuff each week!


Each month GOSTEM will showcase a different STEM Launch Point and the connections that can be explored in each STEM discipline. These stories are quick summaries of interesting people and circumstances where using STEM was as an integrated way of thinking and necessary to solve the problem. The story we offer in this month is “Oops! I Used the Wrong Resistor!”  The unit may be found at: https://sites.google.com/a/eou.edu/stem-stories/greatbach-story)

Sometimes inventors discover something they weren’t intending. That was the case with Wilson Greatbach.  He was doing an experiment with an electronic oscillator and used a wrong component.  The plans called for a 10,000 ohm resistor and he accidentally used a 1,000,000 ohm resistor.  Instead of a tone he had expected, the circuit made a “blip” noise ever second of so.  From this accident the idea of a pacemaker was born.  Thereafter Wilson’s circuit became the mainstay of all implanted pacemakers for decades.  In this series of explorations students experiment with Wilson’s circuit, learn about resistance in electronics, make circuits with liquid conductors, and are invited into the world of electronics technology

In this STEM unit, Students use a cardboard diagram, springs and components to assemble a circuit like Greatbatch’s. They can create the original sounds with a 10,000 ohm resistor and then insert a 1,000,000 ohm resistor to make a pacemaker.  Students make their own resistors by using a pencil lead or with by drawing a resistor on a piece of card stock.   By combining graphite, rubbing alcohol, and white glue, a conductor can be made and various values of resistance can be painted onto card stock and then tested. Students are invited to make circuit boards using foil that is lightly glued to card stock.  The unwanted material can be cut and peeled to make a circuit trace.  Components such as resistors, leds, and switches can be added by using a liquid conductor to make working circuits. Students design boards, construct circuits, and test their creations.

STEM Launch Points are archived on the GOSTEM home page at http://go-stem.org/stem-launch-page/  GOSTEM would like to collect your stories and contexts that connect young people to explorations in STEM.  Send us your ideas!  Contact mjaeger@eou.edu