Besides funding the core functions of the GO-STEM Hub, Oregon Department of Education as well as other grantors contract with GO-STEM to conduct additional work. Below is a summary of each of these on going projects. (Updated October 20, 2020)

ODE Grant Funded Programs

  • STEAM Leaders in Elementary Schools – collaboration with 3 Hubs
    • Develop STEAM leaders
    • Engage administrators
    • Increase time on science
  • Pre-K and Parent Engagement
    • STEM kits in libraries, pre-schools, Head Start
    • PD for early childhood providers
  • Youth Voice – High School and Middle School students
    • Chief Science Officers in 8 schools and 5 counties
    • Teacher mentors in each school
  • STEM Bites – collaborative project with all 13 STEM Hubs. GO STEM is the lead.
    • Hubs submit short STEM lessons at three grade band levels.
    • Lessons will be formatted and published on Oregon Open Learning

Oregon Community Foundation Funded Projects

  • COVID Response Grant – STEM kits provided for all 4th grade students in Morrow and Umatilla Counties and La Grande and Baker SD. These students have not returned to in person learning.
  • Career Connected Learning – 3-year grant, currently in Year 2
    • 4 counties
    • Connecting K-12 education with business and industry
  • Ignite – $10,000 grant
    • Project being implemented by Wallowa ESD
    • Will apply for additional funding to support the work needed
  • STEM Stays Here videos – OCF and Eastern Oregon Workforce Board
    • 3 business videos (Union, Umatilla, Morrow counties)
    • 3 schools showcasing CTE programs