Greater Oregon STEM (GO STEM) was formed in 2014 and serves a large geographic area with a small population. The GO STEM Partnership represents seven counties: Baker, Grant, Harney, Morrow, Umatilla, Union and Wallowa. Although each county in eastern Oregon is unique, commonalities around the region include rural living, an abundance of public lands, and a history of natural resource based economies (primarily logging, agriculture and ranching).

Although it is a large area, there is great value in bringing the seven counties together under one partnership. There is commonality in the geographic isolation of these small populations along with similar economic and educational issues. Coming together to address regional concerns allows the region to benefit from the sharing of perspectives, resources, and experiences.

The economic vitality of eastern Oregon depends on a diverse grouping of public and private sector enterprises. Current STEM workforce vacancies in the region include jobs related to health care, natural resources, manufacturing and information technology. A sustainable regional workforce is required to fill both current and foreseeable occupations and to prepare for businesses and industries planning to expand or relocate to eastern Oregon. A ready workforce that is skilled in technical and applied STEM fields is essential to ensure that the region is able to realize economic stability and growth.

Enhancing STEM awareness, pipelines, and pathways is crucial in connecting educational resources with regional needs. Education is central in preparing students for existing jobs and in building capacity to serve new industries. As statewide initiatives, policies, and resources are developed, the rural perspective must be part of the overall plan for the state.

Based on the overarching need of a skilled workforce the GO STEM Hub constituent components, including workforce development, educational institutions, non‐profits and industry, came together to establish the Hub’s mission, vision and priorities.

Executive Summary Hub Leadership

GO‐STEM convenes an Advisory Board made up of key stakeholders with broad representation throughout a large geographic region.


GO‐STEM is a regional partnership cultivating a community that values STEM learning, prepares youth for successful STEM careers, and builds pathways and pipelines to meet workforce needs.


Realize regional prosperity through a thriving STEM workforce and career‐ready rural youth.


In response to the needs identified and the mission and vision established, GO STEM has identified the following priorities:

STEM Awareness, Pipelines & Pathways Grow the workforce: Eastern Oregon has a vital STEM workforce with a variety of opportunities at different educational levels

STEM Systems for Education Improve educational opportunities: Schools in eastern Oregon are known for quality STEM education and employable graduates

Communicating Rural STEM Perspectives, Needs, Solutions and Opportunities Advance rural viewpoints: Rural areas are seen as valuable contributors to statewide learning and growth

The full Partnership Plan can be viewed in this pdf:

2017 Partnership Plan submitted 12-17