Connecting Industry Professionals to Educators and Students


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What is Oregon Connections?

Oregon Connections is a web-based tool connecting educators to industry professionals who share their skills and bring real world learning opportunities to your students. Through in-person matches and virtual real-time sessions, industry professionals connect with classrooms to inspire and expose students to real-world opportunities.

Industry Professionals and Volunteers

  • Share your skills with classrooms in your community
  • Demonstrate leadership skills by mentoring students
  • Develop a pipeline of students interested in your career field
  • Boost your professional profile through education
  • Create a culture of volunteering among your co-workers
  • Connect with students for an interactive, fun, and rewarding experience

Educators and Requesters

  • Provide real-world context for classroom learning
  • Match with expertise of professionals based on learning targets
  • Develop connections between students and immediate or future career opportunities
  • Create valuable connections between schools, businesses, and community organizations
  • Communicate easily and efficiently
  • Track communication for future engagement

Getting Started as a Volunteer

Getting Started as a Requester