Winding a Transformer

We have seen some of the interactions between. two coils. Now, let’s concentrate on creating a two coil system called a transformer.  Follow the steps below to construct a simple transformer.
Materials Required
You will need to provide:
• Finishing Nails
• Wire stripper
STEP I. Find 5-6 finishing nails and arrange as a bundle. 
STEP 2. Tape the bundle together with electrical, duct or masking tape.
STEP 3. Make 20 Turns of insulated wire atop the tape. Make the turns even and close together. You may need to make two layers of turns depending on the size of wire. If you make two layers, wrap the second in the same direction right on top of the first layer.
STEP 4. Tape down this first layer so the wires will not unravel.
STEP 5. Take another color insulated wire and wrap 20 Turns on top the first 20. Make sure the wraps go in the same direction as the first coil.  If necessary, make two layers.
STEP 6. Tape down the top turns of wires so they will not come apart.
The transformer is now ready to test.
PLEASE RESPOND: Are you ready to test the transformer?  You will need a 9 volt battery and a speaker for the next experiment.