Most of us have lots of electronic devices that require power. Some need 12 volts, like car accessories. Others use 5, 6, or 9 volts and sometimes other voltages. If we want to use the electricity from our power outlets at hoe, we have to transform the 120 volts into smaller voltage.  A step down transformer is handy in these circumstances.

Here is a short video to acquaint you with step down types:

Materials Required:

Step down transformer/power supply. (provided)


Look at the case of your power supply/transformer and see what the specifications are. Is it a step up or step down transformer? What is the ratio? See if you can measure the resistance of the primary (where you plug it in).

PLEASE RESPOND: What did you find out? Scout around to see if you can look at another power supply you might have. What can you determine about the transformers in each?


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