Instead of using your rough model. Let’s use a manufactured transformer to make 90 volts from 9 volts!

Materials Required:

• Transformer. The one we will use is a tiny audio-type transformer.

• Neon light

• 9 Volt battery


1) Strip off a little insulation from the red and green wires of the transformer.

2) Try to light the neon with the 9 volt battery.  Any luck?  Shouldn’t as it requires 90 volts to light.

3) Attach the neon to the red and green wires. Wrap the wire nearest the bulb on the resistor side for better results.

4) Momentarily connect the 9 volt battery to the black and white leads of the transformer. (Touch it on and off) and note the behavior of the bulb.

DISCUSSION: Here’s more on this:

Try measuring your converter transformer to see what you find. Can you make it light the neon with a 9 volt?

PLEASE RESPOND: What sort of results did you find?  For fun, put your finger where the neon bulb would be connected? Any sensation?

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