GO-STEM Programs

GO-STEM Programs


This professional development program provides an opportunity for 20 teachers in the region to collaborate and develop math lessons using real-world applications. Math teachers for grades 7-10 from the following schools are participating: Imbler, North Powder, La Grande, Elgin, Union, Westen-McEwan, Mac-Hi, Wallowa, Riverside, Umatilla and Pilot Rock.




This program collaborates with high school students to get the youth perspective on STEM in our schools around the region. Students kick off the year with a summer STEM camp where they explore local STEM careers and plan a project at their school to impact STEM learning opportunities locally. In the spring of each year, two students are chosen from  participating high schools to represent their school during the following school year. Contact GO-STEM to learn more and get involved!




In partnership with Portland Metro STEM Partnership and OSU Extension, GO-STEM will work with four after-school programs in Grant, Harney, Malheur and Wallowa counties to increase STEM learning opportunities for students in grades 4-8 and develop an effective community of practice among out-of-school providers around the state.








We will begin a pilot program to support teachers and STEM industry experts to participate on the Oregon Connections website which matches classrooms with people in the community who can share their work with students and provide meaningful connections between education and STEM careers.


5th grade teachers from Grant, Morrow, Umatilla, Union and Baker counties are set to participate in a workshop series beginning in August to develop STEM curriculum for all 5th grade classrooms through Eastern Promise.  During the 2016-2017 school year, teacher teams will implement exemplar STEM units and develop lessons that build the necessary skills for student-driven inquiry. The final product will be a comprehensive STEM curriculum that meets 5th grade NGSS and CCSS Mathematics and English Language standards.



GO-STEM is engaging schools, institutions of higher education, non-profits, businesses, civic leaders and community members in STEM discussions around the region. These discussions are taking place in each county to meet the unique needs of these populations and to connect with existing networks. Themes that arise during these discussions will guide the development of action teams and the focus of future funding proposals. Contact GO-STEM to connect with these conversations!