Technology Student Association

Technology Student Association (TSA) is a student leadership organization of 230,000 middle and high school students.  It integrates technology, leadership, student teamwork and competitions. Similar to the Agriculture and Business equivalents (FFA and FBLA), a TSA chapter can be associated with an engineering or technology elective in school and satisfies the student leadership requirement for the associated CTE pathway.


Most costs will be associated with participation in regional events (supplies and travel)

Membership fees are minimal (approximately $10 per student)


There are a wide variety of competitions to choose from to match with student interests or fit within the school curriculum offerings. Schools typically coordinate regionally and focus on specific areas to compete. Robotics competitions within TSA use VEX robots. See the links below for a list of event categories.

Middle School Competitions (grade 5-9)

High School Competitions (grade 9-12)

For more information and a schedule of regional competitions, contact the TSA State Advisor Dave Fowler at Heppner High School (Dave.Fowler@morrow.k12.or.us).

Starting a Team

If you are interested in starting a TSA club you will sign up as an advisor by following the instructions linked to this page.



Funding options