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Collective Impact Partnerships

The Theory of Action for the Regional STEM Hub strategy is based upon a collective impact partnership model where partnerships engage with multiple sectors in the community; eliminate locally defined inequities; use data for continuous improvement; and leverage community assets in efforts to improve practice and increase opportunities related to STEM education. Hubs align partner efforts towards a common agenda with a commitment to using relevant data for continuous improvement. Where regional programming gaps exist, STEM Hubs also implement strategies that include:

  • educator professional development around best practices in STEM instruction,
  • implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core,
  • increasing in and out of school hands-on STEM learning experiences for students, and
  • deepening student connections to the fast-growing STEM employment opportunities in the state of Oregon.


Eastern Oregon University

Building Healthy Families

Building Healthy Families

Wallowa Resources

Northeast Oregon Area Health Education Center

Skip-Line Inc

EOU Eastern Promise

Science & Math Investigative Learning Experiences

OSU Extension Service

Vernier Software and Technology

Eastern Oregon Regional Solutions Center

Oregon Health & Science University