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Want a quick story to stimulate your class as a start-up or as an ending piece? STEMazing are quick bits of STEM news that are easy to read (usually 4-6 sentences), are about a variety of STEM topics in the news, teach a bit of STEM in each story, and have links to the longer article and reference so that interested students can read or see more.

Each STEMazing edition has 5 stories, one for each school day of the week! Here is an example:



Researchers in China have discovered that a kind of spider that mimics ants also feed their young with a protein-rich milk.  Experimenters have shown that that young spiders depend on this feeding and will die without their mother’s milk.  It isn’t unusual that parents feed their young, but it was once believed that only mammals provide milk to their young. Read and see more at:


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