STEM Lessons

STEM Units for Classroom Teachers

The STEM Units below were developed by classroom teachers in eastern Oregon and by the Greater Oregon STEM Hub. Teachers participated in multi-day workshop series over periods from one to four years. Funding was provided by Oregon Department of Education STEM grants and Math and Science Partnership grants. All units are developed around grade level standards.

The STEM Units integrate learning across all four STEM disciplines with authentic applications and relevant stories. The video at right describes how the Chemical Reactions Unit was developed and implemented in 5th grade classrooms during 2016-2017.

Real Life Math

Click on the link to the left to access lessons developed by secondary math teachers. Math teachers in the GO-STEM region began working together in 2016 to develop lessons that apply math in creative ways related to STEM careers in eastern Oregon. These lessons, utilizing a variety of math skills from Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, are now available here on the GO-STEM website.