Do you have any SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY/ENGINEERING or Mathematics related materials or expertise you would like to give away?  Are you looking for something or need some specific help with a project?  Post here by contacting   We will get you connected!


Test Tube Centrifuge, used. Place test tubes in pairs with precipitates and then decant liquid. Great for separating materials or layering materials of different densities.  @eou, can pick up or make arrangements to deliver.  Contact

Box of Brown glass storage bottles.  These were used store chemicals that are light sensitive. @eou, can pick up or make arrangements to deliver.  Contact


Fancy funnels with valves–some 250 ml, some smaller.  About 20 count.  @eou, can pick up or make arrangements to deliver.  Contact

Small box of tiny ceramic pans.  Used for roasting samples or making a small stew for a mouse family. @eou, can pick up or make arrangements to deliver.  Contact

Lung volume measure (2).  These are fun as you can test students lung volume, chart versus height or weight or degree to which students talk out of turn in class.

9 Student Scales (see picture below), used lightly. @eou, can pick up or make arrangements to deliver.

Science Book Collection.  About 200 (30 feet of shelf space). Science texts dating from 1854. This was assembled as a research collection to study the changes in science curriculum in the 1900’s.  Some are classics with quite a few prior to 1930. Books in the photo are just a sample!  Contact if interested. SOME CLAIMED BY BUTLER UNIVERSITY!   Still a number left.

Activity Books.  We have collected a number of activity books over the years. Some are ho-hum, but others have some real interesting potential for STEM curriculum.  Pictured below is just a sample.  You will have to come by and browse the collection!  Contact if interested.

16 Pepsi bottles!  Great for making resonating chambers for sound experiments–or a vintage soda bottle collection!

16 plastic Trays with lids.  Perfect for sowbug race tracks, gradient experiments, or a row of seedlings. Has a drain on each end.

2 Dozen rock crushers. Great to pound down a sample and then analyze with various tests See:

10-12 Fire in the Pacific Northwest Curriculum Packages.  Donna Rainboth can tell you more.

Hundreds of shell vials with plastic lids. Good for bugs and alcohol, samples, storage.


More things are being posted as we clean out the stock room!  Stay connected.



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