STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors

High school students from twelve schools in Baker, Umatilla, Union, Morrow and Harney counties came together in July for a STEM Camp held at Umatilla High School and Eastern Oregon University. During the 2017-2018 school year, participating students are involved in STEM projects at their schools to impact STEM learning opportunities in their communities.

This program collaborates with high school students to get the youth perspective on STEM in our schools around the region. Students kick off the year with a summer STEM camp where they explore local STEM careers and plan a project at their school to impact STEM learning opportunities locally. One STEM Ambassador is chosen by their peers to participate as a member of the GO-STEM Advisory Board. In the spring of each year, two students are chosen from  participating high schools to represent their school during the following school year. Contact GO-STEM to learn more and get involved!

STEM Ambassadors are excited about having an impact on their community and teaching other students about STEM. A video highlighting the great STEM programs in eastern Oregon high schools was produced with the original team of STEM Ambassadors during the 2016-2017 school year. A link to this video can be found on the GO-STEM homepage.

Student Activities

  • Participate in an overnight summer STEM camp
    • Learn what STEM is through activities and career connections
    • Identify a school project and begin the planning process
  • Implement a STEM project at your school and present results to an authentic audience in your community
  • Attend events and activities to learn about college and STEM career opportunities in eastern Oregon

How to Get Involved!

Teachers, administrators and current STEM Ambassadors can nominate responsible high school students to be next year's STEM Ambassadors! As a STEM Ambassador, the student will be an advocate for STEM learning in their community and have the opportunity to share their perspective with local and regional audiences.