Regional STEM Businesses

Regional STEM Businesses

This catalog includes STEM businesses available to give tours, appear as a guest speaker, have internships, and many more activities for students and educators. Click the business name below to view more details and contact information. If you have a business or company involved in the STEM field and would like to be a part of this catalog, please visit our Career Connections page to sign up.

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USDA Agricultural Research Service


48037 Tubbs Ranch Rd, Adams, OR 97810

Take Hwy 11 to Tubbs Ranch Rd.

Contact Us.

Main office phone: 541-278-4380

Main person of contact:

Stewart Wuest, Soil Scientsist

Areas of expertise: Non-irrigated farming systems of eastern Oregon and Washington, soil science, water movement in soil, instruments for measuring soil water and temperature, hand-made electronic instruments.

Phone: 541-278-4381

Email: (preferred way of contact)

Second person of contact:

Dan Long, Research Agronomist

Areas of expertise: Remote sensing of crops, on-combine optical sensing of the grain stream, image
processing and analysis, statistical analyses, cropping systems, precision agriculture,
precision nitrogen management, soil geography and development, and landscape pedology.

Phone: 541-278-4391


ARS research is organized into National Programs. Within each National Program are research projects to solve high-priority agricultural problems. These programs provide scientific information that improves practices, techniques, and equipment for dryland crop production to serve the public. Research focuses on precision agriculture, soil and water conservation, sustainable agriculture, global climate change, and crop diversification in the Columbia Plateau and related land resource areas of limited winter precipitation and dry summers.

For Students

The USDA Agricultural Research Service provides grades 4th-6th, middle school, high school, and college students with the following:

  • Field Trip or Tour
  • Guest Speaker
  • Online Guest Speaker
  • Job Shadows
  • Student Internships
  • Career or Club mentoring

Students who come to see the USDA Agricultural Research Service expect to see field plots, laboratories, research instruments, plants, and soil. Contact Stewart Wuest for a field trip or tour of around 40 people, to be a guest speaker, and summer student internships. Contact Dan Long for a field trip or tour of around 30 people, to be a guest speaker, to be an online guest speaker, to be a career or club mentor, for job shadows, and for student internships. Be prepared to walk through some outdoor crop fields on a tour! Weather may vary so make sure to wear appropriate outdoor attire.

For more information about the USDA Agricultural Research Service click here.


Umatilla County


Agriculture & Ranching

For Students:

Field Trip or Tour, Guest Speaker, Guest Speaker (Online), Job Shadows, Student Internships, Career or Club mentoring

Age Range:

4th - 6th grade, Middle school, High school, College

Tour Group Capacity:


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