Professional Development for Educators


Current Programs

GO Real Life Math is a professional development program for math teachers. Twenty teachers in the GO-STEM region are working together and with STEM professionals during the 2016-2017 school year to develop lessons for students in grades 7-10. These lessons teach math skills through real-world applications and challenges.  See

NGSS and STEM Workshops. GO-STEM can provide workshops to support teachers to develop lessons that meet Next Generation Science Standards and integrate STEM into curriculum. See


For the Love of Math

Some people would not place the words Math and Love in the same sentence but this situation is likely to change in the future. Teachers in eastern Oregon are working hard to change the way we think about math. Through a STEM Innovation grant from Oregon Department of Education, GO-STEM partners will lead a second year of Math in Real Life. This grant gets teachers together on teams to discuss and learn from one another and implement new methods for math teaching and assessment in our secondary classrooms.

Math is no longer the boring or scary subject you might remember.

Not only are teachers helping students make connections to real-life applications but they are also supporting students to see the beauty and creativity that mathematicians have always known. There are many resources being developed to help teachers reduce math anxiety and build a positive culture in the math classroom. If you are interested in helping change the way we think about math, check out these resources below!

Secondary math teachers throughout the region are invited to participate in the Math in Real Life during 2018-2019. Teacher teams are being formed right now with a kick-off event planned for February 2018. Please contact Beccy Nordtvedt at Wallowa ESD for more information about the upcoming series.