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Gas Pressure Sensor

The Gas Pressure Sensor can be used to monitor pressure changes in a gas. The range is wide enough to perform Boyle’s law yet it is sensitive enough to conduct vapor-pressure or pressure-temperature experiments. Teachers can use the Gas Pressure Sensor to monitor transpiration or respiration in an enclosed environment.

Included are:

  • Vernier Gas Pressure Sensor
  • 2 Tapered valve connectors inserted into a No. 5 stopper
  • 1 Tapered valve connector inserted into a No. 1 stopper
  • 1 Two-way valve
  • 18 inch Tygon tubing with Luer Lock connectors
  • 20 mL syringe
  • 2 White transpiration tubing clamps
  • Instruction Manual

**This item requires the use of a LabQuest computer interface which is also available for checkout.

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