NGSS Resources

On-line Educator Resources for Next Generation Science Standards


Phenomena for NGSS – Wondering how to use phenomena to introduce and engage students with science? This website provides a wide variety of examples.

Oregon Science Teacher Updates – Science teaching resources updated by Oregon Department of Education (Jamie’s page)

ODE website – New and improved! This link takes you directly to the ODE Academic Content Standards page which includes links to Math, Science, ELA and others.

STEM teaching tools – A variety of briefs covering the topics of Assessment, Background, Engineering, Equity, Implementation, Informal Ed, Instruction, and Practices. The Practice Briefs discuss questions such as “Is it important to distinguish between the explanation and argumentation practices in the classroom?” or “Steps to designing a three-dimensional assessment”.

A Framework for K-12 Science Education – An important text to accompany the NGSS.


Oregon Science Teachers Association – NGSS resources on the OSTA website


The Teaching Channel Science Videos


An Overview for Principals – From the NGSS website.

The Next Generation Science Standards were released in Spring of 2013 and adopted in Oregon in Spring of 2014. The NGSS are organized very differently from previous versions of science standards. The following conceptual shifts (taken from Appendix A) in the NGSS demonstrate what is new and different about the NGSS:

1. K-12 Science Education Should Reflect the Interconnected Nature of Science as it is Practiced and Experienced in the Real World.

2. The Next Generation Science Standards are student performance expectations – NOT curriculum.

3. The Science Concepts in the NGSS Build Coherently from K–12. “focus and coherence must be a priority…Choosing to omit content at any grade level or band will impact the success of the student in understanding the core ideas”

4. The NGSS Focus on Deeper Understanding of Content as well as Application of Content.

5. Science and Engineering are Integrated in the NGSS, from K–12.

6. The NGSS are designed to prepare students for college, career, and citizenship.

7. The NGSS and Common Core State Standards (English Language Arts and Mathematics) are Aligned.

To learn more about the standards, go to the NGSS website:

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