Chief Science Officers


GO-STEM is coordinating the Youth Voice Grant and the National Chief Science Officers Program. Featured below is an example of the program and what young people in the region are accomplishing in their communities. Elyse Tinglstad, Chief Science Officer for Joseph Charter School, Wallowa County Elyse is an avid outdoor enthusiast, comfortable in the woods snow, rain, or shine. She feels strongly that teaching students how to be safe in the wilderness is critical, especially when she considers her community’s remote location. Elyse has decided to use the Engineering Design model to expose middle school students to a hands-on problem solving and critical thinking skill. Of course, the problem she chose for the students to solve was how to survive in the outdoors! Her plan is to take middle school students to a local park and have them design survival shelters, using what they find in the natural environment. Elyse is planning on recruiting other high school students to lend a hand putting this Action Plan into ACTION. Elyse’s Action Plan will expose the students to the Chief Science Officer program. They will enjoy the Engineering Design day while learning how to become a CSO, and its impact on Wallowa County.

Tyler Homan, Chief Science Officer for Joseph Charter School Tyler is working with a mentor, learning about the coding and robotics profession. He is combining his Senior Project with his CSO Action Plan. Tyler is launching a fundraising project with the goal of purchasing four-five Lego robotics sets. He will then develop lesson plans with elementary school teachers and his mentor, to then teach Legos robotics to local elementary school classes. This is an ambitious project because it has several steps that rely on the success of each prior step. Tyler has developed his relationship with his mentor and has begun working on his fundraising.

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