Flyer pdf: Fall 2018 Manufacturing Day Flyer

To register visit: https://www.workforceportal.org/students

Life in 3D Workshop (See Flyer below)

SUMMER 2018 • June 25-28  8:30-12 Daily
Eastern Oregon University, Ackerman • La Grande, OR 97850  

Inviting Students • Entering Grade 8 through High School to explore…

A Two-Dimensional Plotter Model

Solder a battery power supply

Test Motors: Test DC motors for torque/determine operational voltage. Read current draw Build an Arduino-controlled simple plotter model

Control Systems

Speed Control: How to use a transistor to control a motor Timer Circuits: Using the 555
Resistance/Capacitance: Dynamic impact of R/C on 555 pulse Ohmmeter: Measuring resistance Counting/Decoding circuits: 4017 CMOS Counter/Driver

Actuators and Interfaces

Testing Actuators: Using CD/VCR actuators
Stepper motors: Testing and identification
Sequencing: Understand how to drive stepper motors with microprocessors Software: C++ programing basics to control Arduino outputs

1D, 2D and 3D Systems

Printers: Take apart a printer and test the motor/driver
3D Printing: Learn the mechanics, electronics and software. Print your design.

Limit: 16 Students. Cost: $20.00 per student (includes materials they will take away from the workshop such as print materials, components, soldering iron, circuits, Arduino)

Requirements: Students should have good manual dexterity to use tools, be able to read and follow detailed instructions, and be able to work with others. The workshop is designed to provide students with practical knowledge about how to build circuits and control systems as well as technological understanding of how more complex electronics operate. Self-paced, web moderated, personally mentored.

Contact: mjaeger@eou.edu for details or see the workshop at: https://sites.google.com/a/eou.edu/stem-stories/life-in-3d

Life in 3D flyer

Technology Expo

Brought to you by InterMountain Education Service District, hosted by Eastern Oregon University 2018 Technology Expo, 3/14/18

Technology Student  Association

March 1st will be an important date for regional high school students interested in showing their skills in technology.  The regional Technology Student Association(TSA) competition will be held at the Blue Mountain Training Center in Boardman, OR.  Dozens of students from La Grande, Milton-Freewater, Westin, Pendleton, Umatilla , Heppner, and other towns with come together competing in areas such as CAD engineering design and architecture. There are multiple categories where students can aim. The national organization has a complete list of the opportunities at http://www.tsaweb.org/High-School-Competitions

Some students work on projects at their schools and then bring their designs or models to the competition for judging. An example of this style of competition was a project to design a tiny house made from a shipping container. In other competitions, students create their design or model on site in a proscribed time frame.

Besides the competition, students get to hear about career pathways from guest speakers from local industries, the Port, the Pendleton UAS Range Mission (drones), and others. As stated in the TSA mission, the organization enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM, whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through intracurricular activities, competitions, and related programs.  A full description of the organization can be found on their website at http://www.tsaweb.org/

Interested in starting a TSA at your school? There are spots for high school and middle school students to form local chapter. Your CTE teacher/s can get them started. Dave Fowler, at Heppner High School heads-up the regional effort. Ping him at Dave.Fowler@morrow.k12.or.us






FIRST Robotics

       How to Start a Club:  ORTOP (Oregon Robotics and Tournament and Outreach program) has lots of information on their website on how to start a Robotics team. https://ortop.org/











Making a Difference at Schools

Last summer 23 students from around eastern Oregon gathered at Umatilla High School to spend three days learning about STEM. The students visited the Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm, Defrees Ranch, Blue Mountain Community College and Eastern Oregon University. They showed each other how to fly drones and met with college students who are earning STEM degrees. At the end of the week, they thought about something that they could do to make a difference in their school or community. A few highlights from their accomplishments so far are described here. Please congratulate these students on their efforts when you see them!

Students Rhett Landon and Risa Thompson at Crane Union High School in Harney County have organized an event similar to Dinner with STEM Professionals. Their STEM in the High Desert Dinner is scheduled to take place on January 6th at the fairgrounds in Burns. There will be a keynote speaker along with a variety of STEM professionals sharing about their careers over tri-tip steaks!

Three students at Heppner High School, Caitlyn Scrivner, Charles Cason and Carson Brosnan, in Morrow County are planning to deliver a series of STEM lessons to students at their elementary school in February. They will be learning about the properties of Slime, All about Robots, Designs in our Future and having Fun with Math Games. They are really excited about the project and can’t wait to start teaching!

Students at Pendleton High School in Umatilla County are working on plans to add LEGO robotics teams in their school district. Last August, PHS student, Landon Thornburg, attended at training session through Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program with adult leaders from around the region to learn more about running a LEGO team.

GO-STEM partners from around the region look forward to continuing to develop this program over the coming years and expand opportunities for students to build leadership skills connected to STEM.